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Terrazzo has been around for hundreds of years. Italian marble workers started taking scraps and chips of marble home. They would press these pieces of marble into parts of their terrace. At first into clay columns and eventually into the floors.

The terrazzo in Sarasota homes took off during the mid-fifties. Long before that it was installed in businesses. Along Main Street, in downtown Sarasota, many of the stores have terrazzo flooring. Most have been covered with everything from carpet to tile or vinyl. Some store owners have opted to remove these floors and bring back the terrazzo.


When we talk to home owners around Florida, about their terrazzo floors someone in Arcadia might have no idea of the value of a properly restored terrazzo floor. Most of the residents around Sarasota understand how a properly restored terrazzo floor is the focal point of your entire home. You can put in tile or wood and visitors might say they like your floors. When you terrazzo is properly restored every person that walks through your door will say they love your floor. If they have never seen diamond polished terrazzo the first question might be, “What is it?”

Many areas around Sarasota have terrazzo flooring. You might have it and not even know. The first evidence would likely be your front door step. If that is terrazzo chances are there is terrazzo on every floor in the house. We are often asked if tile can be removed and the floor restored. We remove thousands of square feet of tile every year and successfully restore the terrazzo. If you have called another company and they did not want to restore the terrazzo, because of tile, give us a call. We always recommend letting us remove the tile as well as pulling tack strip and cutting nails.

Terrazzo Sarasota

No matter what flooring you have we can usually remove it and restore your terrazzo. We use an all dry diamond grinding, honing, and polishing method. We never use topical sealers. When we polish up your floors they shine like glass without chemicals or a topical sealer. Topical sealers scratch up quickly. Nothing is harder than your terrazzo.

With most topical sealers you will see widespread snatches in six months. Our diamond polished floors last eight to ten years under normal use. At that point the usually only need three steps of polishing to restore the brilliant shine. We use an identifier to seal and harden the Portland cement. We also use a sealer that guards against oil based and water based stains, as well as acid etching. We feel it is the best penetrating sealer in the world. Protecting from the inside not from on top.

Around Sarasota we have restored many homes in South Gate Gulf Gate, the Bay Shore area, as well as all the beaches.

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Terrazzo Sarasota
Terrazzo Sarasota